Twenty-seven UK construction bodies last week come together to launch a major new survey into how poor payment practices impact mental health.

The impact of mental health on individuals and the economies they participate in is gaining increasing attention from the public, the media and policymakers alike. While the cost implications are difficult to calculate, the extent of how poor mental health impacts wellbeing and business is becoming increasingly apparent.

The survey aims to find out how mental health in the construction industry is impacted by bad business practice, including poor payments, and its resulting impact on society and business outcomes. The survey is open until 10th October for all businesses owners and managers to participate in and can be accessed here.
BESA head of legal and commercial, Debbie Petford, commented: “Poor mental health is bad for wellbeing and bad for business. The survey is an important next step in the campaign to reform retentions and the late payment culture in the industry. It will help us gain an understanding of the human costs of these practices, that are often overlooked.”
Whittington Health has published plans to build a new mental health unit on the Whittington Hospital site (refer to earlier blog). WFL is actively involved in both construction and the delivery of healthcare services at the hospital, an association that stretches back to 2002.

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